Terrorism and Sustainable Development

Terrorism and Sustainable Development
written by. Haryandi
[Sasak.Org] The population living on earth is growing. This growth mainly takes place in the poorer parts of the world. [1] For that reason poverty is one of the major causes of environmental problems. Another big cause to environmental problems is the environmental ignorance. With a big part of the population being pore and/or unaware about sustainable development we stand before a big problem.
One of effect of poverty is unstable condition in many countries. Terrorism is not a new phenomenon in the world. Many countries in the world have a history with terrorist attacks and movement. After the 9/11 tragedy, terrorism issue becomes international attention; security is main issue in every country. Terrorist operations in facts can increase stress levels, damage political, economy and security of the nations. According to the official US data from the National Counterterrorism Center (NCC) in 2005 the number of victims from terrorist operations was namely 14.602, of which 2.839 were killed in Iraq and 365 in Afghanistan [1].

Terrorism is illegal acts and manifestation of lack in good governance or a failure of cooperation and leadership. The United Nations argues that terrorism is never justifiable, whether on political, philosophical, ideological, racial, ethnic, religious or any other grounds [2]. According to the encyclopedia Britannica, “Terrorism is the systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective”[3]. Why people become terrorists is no single motivation or easy answer to explain. Some factors influence the objective terrorist attacks such us by national identity, extremist ideology, by poverty, by political revolutionaries and other motivations.

Many types of terrorism are based on what kinds of attack agent they can use (biological for example). The majority of terrorist operations used with conventional weapons. The greatest danger occurs when terrorist operations use biological weapons, chemical weapon, and radiological or nuclear weapon to attack the target. They do not need to produce the weapon; they can steal or buy it in the black market where it already available. There can be significant numbers of casualties and damages for humankind and peace keeping in the world.

Terrorism and Sustainable Development

The combat of terrorism is different from conventional war.  Today, terrorism not only danger for humankind but also it can be crimes against peace and security of mankind. All parts of the world must to prevent and combat terrorism and strengthen security together. Increasing solidarity and cooperation between all nations in the world is very important. Governments, the United Nations, media, non-governmental organizations, civil society, and educational institutions have to work together to promote solidarity, dialogue, tolerance and cultural diversity for global-counter terrorism. They resolve to address the conditions conducive, toward peace in the world.

For example, we need cooperation to manage distribution of chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear material weapons very urgent to counter dangerous terrorism attacks. United Nations Interregional Criminal and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) in cooperation with the European Commission and the technical support of the European Police Office, IAEA, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the Southeast European Cooperative Initiative Regional Centre for Combating Trans-border Crime and the World Customs Organization, has developed a pilot knowledge management security system in South-East Europe and the Caucasus region [4]. The aim of the system is to improve information exchange among countries, maintenance international security from terrorist attacks. Cooperation between all parts in the world is the great way and effective action for keep peace in the world.

Reducing terrorism need sustainability actions, we must work together on initiatives to promote inter-religious and intercultural tolerance, increasing education level, reduce the marginalization of vulnerable populations, such as the youth, and promote social inclusion to keep peace world. Sustainability is very important to establish a peace global environment. Wars and terror attacks are causing destruction in many sectors such as decrease economic activity, threatened individual freedoms, destruction of property and environment, and damage to the development. From the United Nations, definition of sustainable development is “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfill their needs” [5]. From the definition, to keep peace in the world we need keep solidarity, freedom, cooperation, and respect earth and environment.


I’m convinced that education is an important tool for achieving a sustainable development. The question is how much we are prepared to pay for getting the knowledge out to everybody. It doesn’t matter how much people with knowledge change if the majority of the earth’s population is not.
To work toward sustainability in the world it is necessary that we develop solidarity and get capable to work together and willing to work together. All of the parts in the world must take initiative to counter terrorism because everyone need peace world and terrorism is never justifiable. Mahatma Ghandi said, “Nature is compassionate and provides enough for the needs of all, but not for the greed of even one”.  Keep work together, and keep peace in the world.


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